"If this suit doesn't mean a revolution in diving, than I'm convinced, after one dive, that it is surely getting very close. If you consider buying a dry suit, you're obliged to try the Fusion before you decide."

Patrick Van Hoeserlande - Hippocampus 222 - February 2009

"In Vancouver, British Columbia, diver training occurs year round. As a PADI course director, I often find myself in the water for several hours at a time. For the past 10 years, I have trusted Whites to keep me warm and dry. Each year, Whites continues to impress me with their progressive designs. The Catalyst certainly exhibits the latest in drysuit technology."

Greg McCracken, PADI Course Director

"I did 10 dives [in the Fusion], many of them penetration. One blind line exit where I ran into everything and got oil on the suit (it cleaned off with a little effort and a biodegradable grease cutter). Here’s the bottom line.

After the ten abusive wreck dives, the suit still looks like new. I am truly amazed how well it held up! No rips or snags or anything.

The suit was warm and comfortable. Every act of clipping and unclipping stage and deco bottles was easier with the superior mobility. Reaching valves, or the reel clipped to my butt was a so much easier with the increased flexibility. Bending and crouching and manoeuvring around sharp turns in the wreck was a breeze. The suit was just so blasted manoeuvrable and comfortable. I can say without a doubt that the wreck class and all the drills that went with it was easier in the Fusion than it would have been in my [other drysuit]."
Rick Inman – Avid technical and Wreck Diver

"I will confirm what others have reported, the suit dives like a 3mm. There was no learning curve, it just worked right out of the box. Short of a 3mm short, I've never experienced such range of motion."

Dherbert – Avid Fusion Diver

"I love my Fusion, as almost everybody by now knows. I love it so much I haven't been willing to part with it long enough to get the zipper replaced, or the neck seal replaced which I have worn out. Other than the neck seal (and I eat them, and have on every suit I've owned) the suit looks all but unworn after over 75 dives, including crawling on the bottoms of the caves in Florida. The Fusion rocks."

Long Time Fusion Diver in Seattle, Wa.

"Fusion Report after 260+ dives:
I have not had a single problem, except for when my cat tried to eat my dry suit; actually this pointed out a big advantage for the Whites Fusion, as it took 10 minutes with a heat gun to patch the suit in my own home. Didn't have to send it off at all."

James Flenner

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