Advantages of diving the Fusion Drysuit


The streamlining outer layer of the Fusion works in conjunction with the inner drycore to create a unique hydrodynamic effect by reducing frictional drag and turbulence. This creation of laminar flow over your body results in a faster more agile diving suit requiring less energy.

High Mobility

The Fusion two layer system offers mobility never before achieved in a wetsuit or traditional drysuit. The high stretch outer skin contours fits the loose fitting inner dry core to the curves of your body allowing unrestricted movement.

Fusion Drysuit Mobility


The double layer construction exceeds the durability of current single layer shell type dry suits. Only premium grade dry zippers, latex seals, and materials are used in the construction resulting in a hard wearing long lasting suit.

Fusion Drysuit Durability

Huge Temperature Range

The DryCORE Technology provides a dry barrier against the elements. Match your thermal undergarment to the conditions just like traditional dry suits, layering up or down. The Fusion has you covered from ice diving to the tropics!

Fusion Drysuit Temperature Range

Fusion Drysuit Temperature Range

Tropical Diving - Whites dive team member Trevor Kirby diving the Fusion with Sport Skin in Grand Cayman. Water Temp. 82 F ( 28 C )
Ice Diving - diver Polina Reznikov diving the Fusion with Tech Skin in New Foundland, CAN. Water Temp. 32 F ( 0 C )

Buoyancy Control

The outer Stretch Skin places an even external pressure over the inner surface of the DryCORE making dry suit buoyancy control a snap. Providing the exhaust valve is set correctly, this external pressure will assist the diver maintaining the perfect amount air volume within the suit.

Fusion Drysuit Buoyancy Control

Easy Self Entry

Front entry design for easy donning.

Fusion Drysuit Easy Self Entry

Versatility in the Outer Skin

Want to do some warmer water tropical diving? No problem just Velcro on the lycra outer skin for the utmost in flexibility. How about cold water? Install the outer Hybrid Tech skin for higher abrasion resistance and added thermal protection.


The constant pressure of the outer Stretch Skin regulates the air layer within the DryCORE eliminating hot and cold spots, while at the same time reducing your body energy output to keep warm.

Less Weight

Less air in the suit requires 10% less weight on your belt!


The Fusion folds up into half the size of a cold water wet suit or traditional dry suit. Easy traveling.
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